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Fresh Bread


The bread is delivered to our shop 5 days a week and is supplied by a family bakery from Droitwich.  We have sold their bread for over 15 years and they have never let us down - even delivering to us during the snow and floods!!  Well done Quality Crust Bakery!


If you would like to place an order, please talk to either Celia or Jeff.  Orders can be just a "one off" to a regular weekly order.  


The flour they use is either white, wholemeal or harvester.  The loaves can be large or small, medium or thick sliced and the shapes offered are tin, farmhouse, bloomer, box and cottage.


They can also produce baguettes, yummy cream cakes, rolls and some speciality loaves.  Prices on request.




If you enjoy making your own bread, then why not try our baker's flour?  Many customers say it is great quality and gives excellent results.


White, wholemeal or harvester flour can be ordered.


Quantities from 1 kilo up to 16 kilo sacks.


Prices start at £1 per kilo.